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Developing World Class Leaders

Developing World Class Leaders

Are your leaders ready?

Do they possess the level of self-insight and self-awareness that enables them to lead effectively? Understanding how behavior and competencies are linked to the development of a strong leadership program, enables you to develop world class leaders that can drive your strategic intent.

The Executive Group can guide your organization through a process of leadership development that will offer techniques for understanding how behaviors and competencies are linked together and identify the eight fundamental components necessary. Leaders are made, not born, therefore it is important to establish the parameters to bring successful leaders along.

Some of the questions organizations face today are:

  • What are the reasons other leadership programs rarely work and what can we do about it?
  • How can an organization create a "World Class" leadership development program that has sustainable results?
  • Why do assessments play a significant role in leadership development and how can you select the right battery of assessments as a diagnostic tool?
  • What are the 8 fundamental components of a successful leadership program?
  • How do you measure critical thinking and emotional intelligence?
  • How do you gain an understanding of how competencies link to leadership?

Our philosophy is to help an organization’s human capital with its strategic intent. Our goal is to become your Strategic Business Partner and our focus is to ensure the very best fit between the individual, their role and the business needs.

Our process and instruments will answer your questions as well as help you put a strong leadership development and succession plan in place. We help you discover the best approach to development available today.

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