Leadership Culture Survey

Sample Leadership Culture Survey

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How strong is your Leadership Program?

There are twelve reasons outlined in the book "Developing World Class Leaders" why leadership programs fail.

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Leadership Culture Survey
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Leadership Culture Survey Questions

1. Leadership Development is a Corporate Strategic Initiative.*
2. Senior Management is "ALL IN" for supporting leadership development.*
3. We have ample resources to support our leadership program.*
4. We have a formal program and process to follow for Leadership Development.*
5. Our Leadership Program is properly funded.*
6. There is a good follow up to our process for Leadership Development.*
7. There is a system of accountability related to the development of our leaders.*
8. There is an active "High-Potential" program.*
9. We have people in the right positions.*
10. We have a sound business strategy.*
11. We have a "Leadership Competency Model" that supports the Strategic Intent.*
12. We have an in depth assessment process that evaluates the depth of our talent.*
13. We provide direct feedback to our Leaders from multiple perspectives.*
14. We reinforce accountability from the TOP DOWN.*
15. We provide on-going continuous personal/professional development for our Leaders.*
16. We have a "Leadership Pipeline" in place.*
17. We have a "Succession Plan" in place for all managerial positions.*
18. My leaders are functioning as well as they can.*
19. I am satisfied with the results of our Leadership Development Program.*
20. Each member of the Leadership Team can identify, articulate, and implement the goals and objectives.*