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Rick Tiemann is an accomplished consultant with over 40 years of business experience in both national and international arenas. His background encompasses business development with experience in mergers and acquisitions as well as turnarounds with an emphasis on developing human capital. Having owned several businesses in addition to holding executive positions in various industries, Rick can connect with business leaders because he has walked in their shoes. He is also an executive and behavioral coach, keynote speaker and author.

Rick began his career in the 1970s as a salesman. At this young age, he was quickly promoted to sales manager and went on to buy that company as well as founding two more in the construction industry by age 30. In 1980 he sold them and started a small consulting firm focusing on sales and marketing plans, training and coaching, and sales selection. After an extensive contract to develop their sales and marketing strategy, a client hired Rick as their Director of Sales & Marketing to implement the strategy he had developed. He then moved on to become the Asian Business Development Manager for a worldwide automotive electronics manufacturer and opened the Japanese and Korean markets. Later in his career Rick was hired as President of a fire/security company where he developed his 3-year strategic plan and was responsible for all company growth. Rick left to found The Executive Group consulting firm in 1991 with the original focus being sales growth, business plans, sales selection and development.

Today Rick’s practice is much broader in scope. Specializing in the interpretation and application of assessment instruments, The Executive Group’s mission is to help organizations improve their organizational effectiveness by linking human capital with their strategic intent. Having interpreted over 16,000 individual assessments, Rick is considered a subject matter expert in the field of assessments and human behavior. He advises companies in hiring all levels of the organization from entry-level to C-Suite. This expertise is incorporated into all aspects of his consultation – selection, development, leadership and succession planning. He recently completed a study on the behaviors of substance abusers as it relates to the work he does utilizing assessments. As a result of this discovery, he is able to pinpoint tendencies which may significantly influence pre-hiring selection and post-hire development processes. Rick has also conducted other validation and performance studies which have provided standards by which certain organizations have gauged their hiring and/or sales guidelines.

Rick acts as an executive and behavioral coach to executives, managers, salespeople, and supervisors throughout a wide range of industries. He has the unique ability to get the most out of people by creating a readiness to change, learn and grow. By helping them develop new skill sets, he moves individuals into behavior that sustains long and short term goals. Rick utilizes assessments to uncover behavioral traits that present challenges and then incorporates that knowledge to develop a coaching model that lays the groundwork for meaningful growth. This experience led Rick to write and publish his first book, Developing World Class Leaders: The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development which outlines a comprehensive step-by-step approach for organizations to create a world class leadership development program. The book explores the scope, purpose, methods and possibilities of building such a program while challenging experienced leaders to think about the depth required to sustain results.

In addition to the many other services offered by Rick and The Executive Group, as a keynote speaker Rick has presented informational, motivational, relevant and entertaining programs to national organizations and associations throughout the country including national and state SHRM, Vistage/TEC, The Georgia Association of Manufacturers, IHRIM, NEHRA and many more.

Rick’s primary goal is to become the strategic business partner to organizations by providing behavioral, assessment, selection, development, coaching and leadership expertise, thereby linking human capital with strategic intent.

We serve as a Strategic Business Partner to a diverse client base.

Founded in 1991, The Executive Group adopted the philosophy of treating each client as a partner whose success is as important as our own. From the beginning, we understood the most pressing needs of any organization lies in their people process. Our specialty is to facilitate an organization’s ability to identify and develop leadership, maximize sales force effectiveness and select and maximize talent at all levels.

We start by listening. Clearly understanding what our clients are facing allows us to customize a strategy unique to their needs and their culture. Our practice combines over 40 years of business experience with expertise using an array of valid and reliable assessment products to select and optimize talent and to create sustainable business strategies for future growth and success.

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Client Testimonials

Rick has been in my corner now for almost a decade. I consider him to be a key element in my resource arsenal. Beyond his phenomenal depth of understanding of the psychological tools and instruments, it is his ability to put things into the business context that makes him such a valuable go-to resource for me.

- T.B., Director of Talent Management

Rick Tiemann has made a career of looking into the very soul of people. When his mastery of the tools of assessment are coupled with a lifetime of C-level leadership experience, he gives a whole new foundation to the saying “hire slow, fire fast.”

- S.M., President

I have been working with Rick and his organization for over fifteen years during most of my professional career with great success, hiring over thirty highly successful, revenue-generating sales professionals with Rick’s guidance.

- C.P., Vice President

I have been working with Rick for over 6 years. The most recent 3 years have had a strong focus on coaching for Sales Management development. Through careful analysis and questioning I have been able to take Rick’s suggestions and create a robust strategic sales plan. Not only has the company benefited from the focus we’ve created, but I have personally gained insight into how a good sales organization and process should work. By completely understanding our go-to-market strategy, Rick and I have been able to combine our sales pipeline and our internal operational strategy. This has allowed our entire organization to be more in tune with our goals for growth.

- R.R., President

Rick Tiemann has provided valuable insights to our organization since 2003. We began our journey with Rick utilizing the 16PF assessment tool and Rick’s expertise to improve the quality of our Sales force, and then expanded to include managers and administrative support associates. We now rely on the 16PF and Rick’s consulting expertise as we put into place organizational team building and career development systems. Rick’s approach has been focused and effective. We enjoy working with Rick and each member of his staff, each of whom we have found to be trustworthy, professional, responsive and proactive.

- B.S., VP of HR

Rick is amazing! He invested in me on a personal level. He was able to find the true cause of why I was struggling professionally, and he gave me the tools to succeed. I always looked forward to our conversations because I knew I was going to see an issue in a different light. He helped me improve as a person and grow professionally.

- E.O., Director of Relationship Management

When I took over the Asian Operations in Shanghai, China I soon recognized I needed to build a stronger management team. I knew with Rick’s background in international business, he would be the logical choice to help make this happen. Rick’s concepts of management and leadership development and his understanding of the cultural differences in play within an international organization have proven valuable whenever I need to make decisions that have a major impact on my organization.

- J.J., President

Rick brings an experienced and objective perspective to strategy and leadership development. He asks the tough questions that you can’t or don’t always want to ask yourself. He then helps develop answers that can bring significant change and a sense of being in better control of the organization’s future.

- R.H., President